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New Australia Day Poll: We Love Australia

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24 January 2016

A new poll conducted exclusively for the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs shows Australians hold overwhelmingly patriotic views. The poll was featured in the Herald Sun this morning.

“Australia is a great country – and Australians agree. They are proud to be Australian, proud of our past and love celebrating Australia Day,” says James Paterson, Deputy Executive Director of the IPA.

The key findings of the poll are:

  • 91 per cent of Australians are “proud to be Australian”
  • 85 per cent believe that “Australia Day is a day for celebration”
  • 78 per cent agree that “Australia has a history to be proud of”
  • 92 per cent believe Australia is a better country than most other countries
  • 81 per cent believe the “world would be a better place if other countries were more like Australia”

“It is no wonder that Australians love their country. We are all treated equally before the law. People who work hard get ahead. We enjoy the freedom to worship. We have largely maintained our freedom to speak. We live in a pluralistic, tolerant, liberal democracy.

“On Australia Day we are often told that Australia needs to change. This poll shows why those people are wrong. We don’t need to change our flag. We don’t need to abandon our national anthem. We don’t need to change our constitution. We don’t need to apologise for our past.

“Australia Day is a day for celebration. Australia is a truly unique country. Most people in the world for most of human history could only dream of the safety, security and prosperity that we enjoy as Australians today.

“That doesn’t mean Australia is perfect. We do face challenges. But Australia Day is a day to recognise what we’ve got right – and it is great to see that Australians overwhelmingly agree,” says Mr Paterson.

The poll of 1,003 respondents was conducted online by Research Now on 15-18 January 2016. A summary of the key findings is available here.

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