Net Zero Means Heaters Off

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2 June 2022
Net Zero Means Heaters Off - Featured image

“Yesterday, on the first day of winter, the Australian Energy Market Operator made the extraordinary emergency assessment that rationing gas may be required in response to shortages and explosive price hikes, which is a clear sign of net zero in action,” said Daniel Wild, Director of Research at the Institute of Public Affairs.

It was reported yesterday that the Australian Energy Market Operator, in an “emergency telephone hook-up”, warned more than 100 industry participants that they might be forced to cut gas use in the event of an energy supply shortfall.

“The Australian Energy Market Operator has indicated this winter you might have to turn your heater off because of a lack of gas supply. This is net zero in action and it is only going to get worse.”

“Net zero is ushering in Australia’s winter of discontent, with energy rationing already taking place on the first day of winter.”

“Gas shortages and rationing are not bugs, but are design features of Australia’s net zero emissions by 2050 target policy.”

“IPA research identified that under net zero, all new gas projects in the construction pipeline must be cancelled to achieve the 2050 emissions target, which means gas supply shortages and further price hikes will only grow in the years ahead.”

“Make no mistake, it will be real Australians in the suburbs and regions that will pay the price of net zero in higher energy bills and will struggle to keep their homes warm.”

A recent survey undertaken by the IPA asked over 1,000 Australians what the main focus of Australia’s energy policy should be.

Some 72% of respondents indicated that affordability or reliability should be the focus, while only 28% believe meeting the policy of net zero emissions should be the focus.

“It is astonishing that in the year 2022 how any political leader believes it is acceptable to ask Australians to turn off their heaters in winter in the name of net zero.”

“Real Australians understand that net zero will make no noticeable difference to the global climate, but will impose significant and irreparable economic and humanitarian damage on Australian families,” said Mr Wild.

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