National Energy Guarantee A Missed Opportunity

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17 October 2017
National Energy Guarantee A Missed Opportunity - Featured image

“The government’s decision to keep emissions reductions at the centre of Australia’s energy policy is a missed opportunity,” said Daniel Wild, research fellow with the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

“The government should eliminate emissions reductions as a component of Australia’s energy policy. Accounting for just 1.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions Australia makes no noticeable difference to the global climate or the global temperature.”

“The world is moving away from emissions reductions policies after seeing the destructive effect they have had on energy markets. The United States has signalled its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and so should Australia.”

“The claim that the world is moving towards renewables in a myth. There are 1,339 coal plants in operation around the world, with another 1,500 in the pipeline.”

“However, the Government’s decision not to continue with the Renewable Energy Target from 2020 and not introduce a Clean Energy Target is a sensible decision.”

“This is a middle of the road proposal that will see the Renewable Energy Target continue to operate until 2020 and keep emissions reductions at the heart of Australia’s energy policy.”

“Rather than waiting until 2020 the government should immediately abolish the Renewable Energy Target. That would be the surest way of putting downward pressure on prices and improving reliability,” said Mr. Wild.

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