Minor Party Voters Fed Up With Red Tape

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16 February 2017
Minor Party Voters Fed Up With Red Tape - Featured image

Fifty-two per cent of minor party voters believe Australia is over-regulated, according to an Essential Research poll released on 14 February 2017.

“This is clear evidence that minor party voters are fed up with the burden imposed by red tape and over-regulation,” said Daniel Wild, Research Fellow with the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

The Essential Research poll also found that 33 per cent of all Australian voters believe that Australia is over-regulated, the highest of any category.

“This poll shows that many Australians are fed-up with tri-partisan support for more regulation and red tape. They want change and will vote for minor parties to get it.”

“State and Commonwealth governments must make cutting red tape a key part of their reform agenda.”

Recent research by the Institute of Public Affairs found that red tape is costing our country $176 billion each year in forgone economic output. This is equivalent to 11 per cent of GDP.

“Minor parties received a record number of votes at the 2016 Federal Election, with more than one in four voters opting to give their first Senate preference to a party other than the Coalition, Labor or the Greens.”

“This poll shows that one way for the major parties to win back support would be cutting red tape to increase economic opportunity and prosperity,” Mr Wild said.


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