Mass Truancy A Reflection On Broken Education System

Mass Truancy A Reflection On Broken Education System

“Australian children are skipping class and taking to the streets en masse today to demand ‘climate change action’ quite simply because they believe what they are being taught by their activist teachers,” said Dr Bella d’Abrera, Director of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the Institute of Public Affairs.

“The National Curriculum’s cross-curriculum priorities, particularly ‘Sustainability’ are embedded into every subject. This propagandises a scare campaign on climate with the message that ‘humans and their natural environment are closely interrelated.’ This is extremely concerning and must be scrapped.

“This is a coordinated, deeply political campaign by external activist groups, socialist teachers and academics to convince young Australians that a radical, costly action on climate change is critical to the survival of the planet.

“Climate change is not a problem, let alone an urgent problem. The real problem is the $2 trillion that governments around the world are spending on the Paris Climate Agreement.

“The greatest moral challenge of our time is not climate change. It is a dysfunctional education system that is denying students the tools they need to be clear-thinking, independent adults.

“Radical activism on climate change is a uniquely wealthy nation phenomenon. These climate activists want to deny the world’s poorest access to cheap energy, which fuels the industrial growth that they themselves enjoy today.

“Renewables can’t save the planet. Germany’s carbon emissions have been flat since 2009 despite an expected $580 billion in spending by 2025 on a renewables-heavy electric grid.

“Australia contributes only 1.3 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and humans account for only three per cent of all emissions from human and non-human sources. Australians – and humans generally – make no noticeable difference to the global climate,” said Dr d’Abrera.

Recent IPA research estimated that it would cost Australia at least $52 billion to meet the Paris Climate Agreement emission reduction obligations, with no discernible environmental benefit.

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