Majority Of Australians Support Australia Day On 26 January

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24 January 2018
Majority Of Australians Support Australia Day On 26 January - Featured image

70% of Australians do not want the date of Australia Day changed, according to a new poll released today by the Institute of Public Affairs.

“It is abundantly clear that everyday Australians want to celebrate our great country on 26 January”, said Dr Bella d’Abrera, Director of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program with the free market tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

A poll of over 1,000 Australians conducted by Research Now commissioned by the IPA found that:

  • 70% of Australians believe Australia Day should be celebrated on 26 January, only 11% believe the date should be moved.
  • Only 23% of Australians think Councils should stop holding citizenship ceremonies on 26 January, 50% of Australians disagree with these Councils.
  • 76% of Australians believe Australia has a history of which to be proud, only 9% disagree.
  • 87% of Australians are proud to be an Australian, only 3% are not.

“The poll confirms that the left-leaning elements of our politics and media that are obsessed with identity politics are completely out of step with the majority of Australians when it comes to our national day. They want to divide, rather than unite Australians.”

“26 January marks the foundation of modern Australia and it should to be celebrated by all Australians. Rather than being ashamed of it, we should be proud of it.”

“76% of Australians believe we have a history to be proud of. It is encouraging that Australians overwhelmingly reject the negative rhetoric about our nation’s history continually pushed by many on the left.”

“This is evidence that Australians both value and understand British institutions such as liberal democracy and the rule of law which have made Australia the successful nation that it is today,” said Dr d’Abrera.

Attached are all questions, answers and data provided from Research Now.

To download the media release and related data click here.

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