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Littleproud’s First Act Must Be To Abandon Liberal’s Inner City Net Zero

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30 May 2022

“New Nationals leader David Littleproud’s first act must be to abandon the Liberals’ election-losing, job-destroying policy of net zero emissions by 2050,” said Daniel Wild, Director of Research of the Institute of Public Affairs.

Research and analysis by the Institute of Public Affairs identified that the electorate of Maranoa, represented by new Nationals leader David Littleproud, will be the second hardest hit electorate in the nation by the policy of net zero emissions by 2050.

Up to 22% of all jobs in Maranoa (around 14,000 jobs) could be put at risk by net zero, second only to Flynn where around 24% of all jobs (16,000) could be put at risk.

“Now that their leadership battle has been sorted, the next order of business must be for the Nationals to demand that the price of any coalition deal includes the abandonment of net zero for the sake of real Australians.”

“The Nationals can no longer rely on the billions in hush money the former Prime Minister plied them with to get them to support his election losing net zero policy. Net zero is now all pain and no gain for regional Australians,” said Mr Wild.

IPA research also identified that a worker in a typical electorate represented by the Nationals is over three times more likely to lose their job than a worker in a typical electorate represented by the Liberals under a net zero emissions target.

“The Liberal and National parties are now the parties of the working-class. On current counting the coalition parties represent 16 of the 20 lowest income electorates but just 5 of the 20 highest income ones.”

A landmark report released in April by the Institute of Public Affairs, “The economic and employment consequences of net zero emission by 2050 in Australia”, identified: 

  • At a minimum, all coal, gas and oil projects in the construction pipeline must be cancelled to achieve net zero by 2050.
  • Net zero will cost the Australian economy at least $274 billion in forgone direct and indirect economic output, which is the equivalent to 13.5% of Australia’s annual GDP.
  • Net zero will prevent the creation of over 478,000 jobs across Australia.

“Real Australians in the suburbs and regions of Australia are already paying the price for the policy of net zero through their power bills, which is a policy designed by and for the cossetted inner-city elites,” said Mr Wild. 

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Daniel Wild

Daniel Wild is the Director of Research at the Institute of Public Affairs

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