Labor’s Cash To AFL Is Corporate Cronyism

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13 April 2018
Labor’s Cash To AFL Is Corporate Cronyism - Featured image

The Victorian Government’s gift of $225 million of taxpayers money to the Australian Football League for the redevelopment of Etihad Stadium is outrageous corporate cronyism according to John Roskam, the Executive Director of the free market think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs.

“The AFL had net profit last year of $48 million.  The AFL doesn’t need a cent more money from Victorian taxpayers.  The AFL owns Etihad Stadium – if the AFL wants to build a seven-star hotel complex it can use its own money.

“All the funds for Etihad Stadium should be redirected to grassroots community sports.  In south-east Melbourne alone there’s a shortage of 70 sports ovals – that’s what the money should be spent on.

“These days it’s hard to tell where the ALP stops and the AFL starts.  On climate change, dividing Australians by race, and identity politics the ALP and the AFL are as left-wing as each other.

“Shame on the AFL for holding out its socialist begging bowl to a sympathetic left-wing Labor government. Victorians have had a gutful of this sort of outrageous corporate cronyism,” Mr Roskam said.

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