IPA Welcomes Peter Dutton’s Culture War Call In Budget Reply

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28 October 2022
IPA Welcomes Peter Dutton’s Culture War Call In Budget Reply - Featured image

Dr Bella d’Abrera, Director of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the Institute of Public Affairs, has today welcomed Peter Dutton’s Budget Reply speech and his statements on Australia’s culture, and what children are taught in schools.

“Peter Dutton has declared he will move the Liberals back into the political mainstream and that he will fight for the values of middle Australia. Under Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison, the Liberals surrendered at every opportunity in the war for Australia’s culture,” Dr d’Abrera said.

“Mr Dutton spoke on behalf of millions of Australian parents when he said the education system has been taken over by ‘ideologically driven advocates‘, who enforce a sanitised and selective version of history and the arts‘ and ‘radical gender theory‘.”

“Peter Dutton is right when he says education should foster, ‘a love of our country and pride in our history and democracy’.”

“Up until now the views and concerns of Australian parents about what their children are taught have been ignored. A poll released today reveals that even in Victoria, education ranks as a higher priority for voters than the environment and climate change.”

“When it comes to education, the Liberals completely wasted their time in government as student performance declined and a radical national curriculum was implemented that teaches young Australians to be ashamed of our country and Western Civilisation.”

“It now looks as if Peter Dutton and the Liberals are waking up to what they allowed to happen.”

It is significant that the Leader of the Opposition specifically identified that Australians should be proud “of our British heritage and our migrant story”.

“Mr Dutton’s speech endorsed everything the IPA has been saying about the national curriculum for the last decade. The Liberals can now put his words into action by committing to abolish the national curriculum,” Dr d’Abrera said.

The consequences of the radical left-wing takeover of Australia’s schools are clear.

According to recent IPA research, when asked, “If Australia was in the same position as Ukraine is now, would you stay and fight or leave the country?”, 40% of Australians aged 18-24 said they would leave, only 32% said they would stay and fight, and 28% said they were unsure.

“The IPA looks forward to its research continuing to inform the fight for Australia’s way of life,” said Dr d’Abrera. 

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