IPA Welcomes PC Call To Cut Farming Red Tape

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28 March 2017
IPA Welcomes PC Call To Cut Farming Red Tape - Featured image

“The Productivity Commission’s final report, Regulation of Australian Agriculture, shows that red tape is the biggest factor undermining prosperity in the agricultural sector,” said Daniel Wild, research fellow with free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

“This report shows that state governments should scrap their native vegetation laws and start over. Private landowners should not be forced to incur the cost of onerous red and green tape at the behest of activist environmental groups,” said Mr Wild.

“State and federal governments have inflicted economic self-harm on our nation for decades through over-regulation. Red tape has crippled the primary industries which have driven our prosperity since settlement.”

“Private property must be protected. Current laws allow governments to erode property rights in the name of native vegetation retention without farmers receiving compensation. This is grossly unjust.”

“The Federal Government should just get out of environmental regulation altogether. Environmental regulation only adds red tape and duplication without noticeable environmental benefits.”

“The Productivity Commission recommendation to overhaul the anti-competitive cabotage system for coastal shipping should give the Federal Government courage to tackle this important reform.”

Recent IPA research showed red tape is costing the Australian economy $176 billion each year in forgone economic output. The bewildering array of regulations outlined in the PC’s report shows why this number is so high,” said Mr Wild.

The IPA’s submission to the report is available here.

Download the media release here

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