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IPA: South Australia Has No One Left To Blame

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9 February 2017

Last night’s partial blackout in South Australia is only a small taste of things to come, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

“About the only person the South Australian Government hasn’t blamed for the outcome of its ideologically-inspired electricity policies is Donald Trump,” says Brett Hogan, IPA Director of Research.

“The suggestion by Premier Weatherill this morning that the State government may need to nationalize the grid sounds a lot like the excuses of the Government of Venezuela.”

“By forcing too many renewables into the electricity market the South Australian Government has destroyed the investment environment for gas and coal generators. It is the height of hypocrisy to then turn around and complain when gas isn’t able to come to its rescue on a windless summer night.”

“Load shedding is just code for power rationing, which is understandable when the nation is at war but inexcusable after 26 years of economic growth.”

“The South Australian power disaster will get a lot worse after Victoria’s Hazelwood power station closes in March and Victoria’s surplus electricity no longer exists.”

“New investment in reliable sources of electricity that aren’t dependent on the weather is the solution – not more knee-jerk government interference,” said Mr Hogan.

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