IPA Research Tour Of Central Queensland To Discuss Impact Of State Energy And Emissions Policies

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19 March 2024
IPA Research Tour Of Central Queensland To Discuss Impact Of State Energy And Emissions Policies - Featured image

“Queensland’s regions are under attack from an onslaught of political polices that are designed to undermine the existence of the very industries these communities rely upon for employment and growth,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.

This week, the IPA will travel to central Queensland to release new research which focuses on the jobs impact in communities like Rockhampton, Emerald, Longreach, Mackay, and Gladstone that are most at risk due to state energy and emission reduction policies, and to discuss the secretive ‘Nature Positive’ laws proposed by the federal government.

“It would seem that Queensland’s political leaders, seemingly focused on just the southeast of the state and distracted by Olympic stadiums, are not willing to heed the warning of the by-elections which took place on the weekend,” asked Mr Wild.

“With state emissions reduction mandates set to destroy jobs in the resources sector and primary production, as well as driving up the cost of household energy bills, now more than ever, Queenslanders need political leadership that puts their interests first, not those of inner-city activists.”

The research tour also follows the release of the IPA’s State Economic Scorecard 2024 which showed Queensland had the lowest per capita state growth, stalling business investment, and the second highest energy price rises in the nation.

“As a resource rich state, Queensland should not be in this position. In a state election year, it is incumbent on political leaders to develop plans to get the state growing again, and drive down energy costs for Queenslanders,” said Mr Wild.

“With nationwide per capita GDP declining for the fourth straight quarter, and Queensland being home to the lowest economic growth per capita, it means Queenslanders are getting left behind right as the cost-of-living is biting.”

The research tour also comes as the spectre of the secretive ‘Nature Positive’ bears down on regional communities, which will face the brunt of a massively expanded environmental regulation bureaucracy in Canberra, and the red tape that will inevitably follow.

“Already 22 per cent of Australia is locked away for various kinds of reserves, national parks, and wilderness areas. The federal government’s ‘Nature Positive’ laws will see this increase almost one third,” said Mr Wild.

“As we speak, consequential decisions are being made behind closed doors, which will give the federal government power to make rulings over virtually every form of land use across the country going forward. This will be a disaster for our resources and primary production sectors.”

“Mainstream Australians are waking up to the damage elites in Brisbane and Canberra are inflicting on their livelihoods through net zero, green tape, and legal activism. Despite this, every major political party continues to support them.”

“We the political leaders of southeast urge Queensland to back the regions. Queensland’s regions have so much promise and potential but are being held back by short-sighted policies which risk closing critical industries, and ending well-paid, full-time jobs,” said Mr Wild.

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