Indoctrination In Early Learning – Let Children Be Children

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18 June 2024
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“Similar to the National Curriculum, Australia’s early learning framework begins the process of indoctrination by introducing infants and toddlers to radical gender and social justice theory, rather than allowing children to simply be children,” said Dr Bella d’Abrera, Director of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the Institute of Public Affairs.

Following the IPA’s exposition of the blatant indoctrination in the National Curriculum, new research shows similar Critical Social Justice pedagogy has been embedded into the government’s Early Learning Framework – Belonging, Being and Becoming, which is mandatory for early childhood learning centres.

“Today, many Australian families are forced to send their children to childcare to make ends meet, as well for personal and career reasons. However, most would unaware of the activism at the heart of the mandatory education being forced upon their child,” said Dr d’Abrera.

The IPA’s analysis of Belonging, Being and Becoming, which is aimed at 0- to 5-year-olds, reveals that the terms Diversity, Inclusion and Equity are mentioned 149 times, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Reconciliation are mentioned 96 times, while “Mother”, “Father” and “Parents” have been scrubbed from the guidelines and not even mentioned once.

The analysis also uncovers the materials recommended by the federal government’s childcare regulator, the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority, contains the following:

  • That childcare centres should be “safe spaces” and that “Early childhood is a critical time for children to begin understanding and exploring gender.”
  • Children to perform a daily Acknowledgment of Country, and for both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags to be displayed in all settings.
  • Childcare centres should reconsider “education spaces, which focuses on acknowledging colonisation and its continued impacts, while seeking to disrupt and reconceptualise colonial understandings.”

“The notion that infants and toddlers should be ‘active citizens’ for social justice causes as soon they are conscious is a reoccurring theme throughout the mandatory framework,” said Dr d’Abrera.

“There is no place for the politicisation of infants and toddlers in Australian childcare centres. These centres should be where children play in sandpits, draw with crayons, and have afternoon naps, not be inducted into the cults of social justice, identity politics, and sustainability by activist minders.”

“Parents should be very concerned that the federal government supports young children being exposed to very adult themes such as gender, sexuality, race, culture, and the environment, years before it is appropriate.”

“As Australia’s education system has shifted away from the acquisition of knowledge towards activism and social justice, results have continued to slide compared to other nations. By focusing on division rather than age-appropriate, fact-based education, we are setting another generation up for failure right from the start,” said Dr d’Abrera.

To download the IPA’s research click here.

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