Immigration Cut Common Sense First Step

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16 May 2024
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“The announcement by Peter Dutton that a Coalition government would cut annual net immigration levels to 140,000 per year is a common sense first step in fixing Australia’s broken immigration system”, said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.

In his Budget Reply speech tonight, Leader of the Opposition Peter Dutton announced, if elected, a Coalition government would reduce the annual net migration intake from current record levels, which stand well above 500,000 per year on a net basis.

“The IPA was the first institution in Australia to publicly identify the growing problems of unplanned and out-of-control mass migration, and to call for numbers to be reduced until adequate economic and social infrastructure is in place,” said Mr Wild.

Research from the IPA as far back as May last year identified community concern with migration, with some 60 per cent of Australians then calling for a pause on migration until enough economic and social infrastructure was built to accommodate new arrivals.

“The federal government has overseen the most dramatic expansion to our population in history, which has sent the economy backward, and torn at social cohesion,” said Mr Wild.

“This sensible policy to restore migration levels back to near long-term trends is a vital first step to uniting the nation and fixing the economy.”

“IPA research has shown that Australians today are over $14,000 worse off over the last eight years, as productivity-driven economic growth has been replaced with the lazy and shortsighted growth model of uncontrolled, mass migration.”

“Migration has and will continue to play a central role in our national story, but it must be planned for, and it must have the consent of the community,” said Mr Wild

Also today, the federal government introduced legislation to place a cap on the number of foreign students entering Australia. However, the legislation does not actually place a cap, but merely gives the minister the power to cap numbers.

“The federal government is attempting to pull a con job on Australians by saying they are capping international student numbers,” said Mr Wild.

“The federal government’s legislation does not provide for a legislated cap at all, rather it will allow politicians to continue to set the levels at beyond current record numbers if they see fit.”

“Universities have been allowed to set Australia’s migration levels, accruing benefits for themselves, while pushing the costs, including ever worsening housing affordability, onto Australians.”

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