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Greens Put The Price On Their Net Zero Ransom Note

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13 April 2022

“At the National Press Club today, the Greens’ leader announced the price of his net zero balance of power ransom note: it is the jobs of 653,600 Australians,” said Daniel Wild, Director of Research at the Institute of Public Affairs

Last year, IPA research demonstrated that the jobs of 653,600 workers would be put directly at risk from a net zero emissions by 2050 target, with mainstream Australians outside of the major cities bearing the overwhelming burden of the employment destruction.

Yet this is the price the Greens have put on their support for the provision of confidence and supply in the event of a hung parliament.

“Adam Bandt said today that we have to “stop arming the enemy”, yet the consequence of net zero is to risk ceding our energy supply to foreign powers in our region,” said Mr Wild.

“Today, 80% of Australia’s solar panels are imported from China, and China controls approximately 80% of the total global supply of rare earths and metals used to produce solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries.”

Net zero policies present an existential threat to the Australian way of life and is predicated on highly contested science. Yet this fringe policy has been adopted by all major parties in the name of political expediency.

“Adam Bandt says he wants to lead the most powerful third party after the election that will hold the balance of power in a power-sharing parliament. Australians should understand the consequences they will face should this occur,” said Mr Wild.

“The net zero emissions by 2050 target, now supported by both major parties, is a policy designed by inner-city elites and it only serves their narrow interests. It is time for Australia’s political leaders to be honest with Australians about what this will mean for their jobs and livelihoods.”

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has exposed how Western nations, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, have sleep-walked into dependence on hostile foreign nations for their energy supply. Australia cannot make the same mistake with China.

Recent polling commissioned by the IPA reveals that 61% of Australians agree the federal government should be more focused on national defence than meeting Australia’s net zero emissions by 2050 target. Only 39% disagree.

“It is clear Australians view policies pursued under the guise of net zero, such as closing our power stations, closing our oil refineries, and limiting mineral exploration, as no longer purely economic matters. They are seen by mainstream Australians as serious issues of national defence,” said Mr Wild. 

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Daniel Wild

Daniel Wild is the Director of Research at the Institute of Public Affairs

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