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Georgina Downer

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11 May 2018

John Roskam, Executive Director at the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs has congratulated Georgina Downer for nominating for Liberal Party preselection for the seat of Mayo.

“Georgina Downer has been a Research Fellow at the IPA for two years. At the IPA Georgina has been an outstanding and consistent advocate for smaller government, lower taxes, less red tape, and freedom of speech.

“Georgina’s research at the IPA has been brilliant. In the lead up to the Brexit referendum, Georgina was one of the only public commentators in Australia who predicted Brexit would succeed. Her major IPA research paper outlined the opportunities Brexit provided for trade between Australia and the UK to be strengthened.

“Georgina will be taking leave without pay from the IPA to pursue this exciting endeavour,” said Mr Roskam.

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John Roskam

John Roskam is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs

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