Crisafulli Sells Out Regions For South-East Elite On Net Zero

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11 July 2022
Crisafulli Sells Out Regions For South-East Elite On Net Zero - Featured image

“David Crisafulli’s pledge to adopt the Labor-Greens policy of net zero emissions by 2050 shows he is just another politician selling out the regions to appease the south-east elite,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.

A recent poll commissioned by the IPA showed 66% of Queenslanders want to pause net zero, more than any other state, as they grow increasingly uneasy as Australia’s Great Energy Crisis deepens and their power bills continue to skyrocket. Just 15% support the policy.

“Mr Crisafulli’s election pitch to the south-east elite ignores hardworking Queenslanders in the regions and will destroy their jobs,” Mr Wild said.

“Queenslanders are not going to vote for a Palaszczuk/Green-lite alternative. Mr Crisafulli needs to get out of the Brisbane bubble and get a proper understanding of what net zero will destroy.”

“By signing onto net zero, Crisafulli has sounded the death knell for the natural resources sector upon which regional Queenslanders rely on for jobs and is the bedrock of many local communities.”

In April, the IPA toured Northern Queensland to launch the landmark report, The Economic and Employment Consequences of Net Zero Emissions by 2050 in Australia, which details the real cost of net zero to Queensland. The research found net zero will:

  • Force the cancellation of 45 coal, gas, and oil projects currently in the construction pipeline across Queensland.
  • Cost $120 billion in forgone economic output across Queensland, which is the equivalent to one-third of the entire Queensland economy.
  • Prevent the creation of 222,000 jobs.

“You only have to visit the regions to understand Queenslanders are sick and tired of seeing their power bills rise and their livelihoods threatened all to appease those in the south-east,” Mr Wild said.

“Under net zero, many regional Queensland communities face the risk of being entirely wiped out by the destruction of the industries which they rely on.”

“Labor and the LNP need to put real Australians first and abandon their reckless net zero commitments and push to get more coal and gas into the energy market,” Mr Wild said.

The IPA’s poll on net zero is here.

The IPA’s research on the costs of net zero is here.

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