72% Of Australians Back Dutton On Reliable, Affordable Energy

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31 May 2022
72% Of Australians Back Dutton On Reliable, Affordable Energy - Featured image

“Close to three-quarters of Australians back Liberal leader Peter Dutton’s focus on reliable and affordable energy supply, which in practice means scrapping the policy of net zero emissions”, said Daniel Wild, Director of Research at the Institute of Public Affairs.

New Liberal leader Peter Dutton stated in a recent interview with Channel 9 that;

For the Liberal Party, we want to make sure that people can afford to turn the lights on, when you turn the lights on there is actually power there. I worry under this government we’re not going to have the reliability in our energy system.”

A recent survey undertaken by the IPA asked over 1,000 Australians what the main focus of Australia’s energy policy should be.

Some 72% of respondents indicated that affordability or reliability should be the focus, while only 28% believe meeting the policy of net zero emissions should be the focus.

“Peter Dutton and David Littleproud need to move on from Scott Morrison’s failed net zero policies – real Australians understand what is at stake,” said Mr Wild.

“Real Australians understand that net zero will make no noticeable difference to the global climate, but will impose significant and irreparable economic and humanitarian damage on Australian workers.”

“The only way to ensure affordable and reliable energy supply is to scrap the policy of net zero emissions by 2050, which is forcing affordable and reliable coal-fired power off the electricity grid.”

Just last week the Australian Energy Regulator released its final default market offer for next financial year which will increase household electricity bills by up to 18 per cent. This equates to around $290 per year on an average household electricity bill of $1,600.

“Real Australians in the suburbs and regions are already paying the price for the policy of net zero, which is a policy designed by and for the cossetted inner-city elites,” said Mr Wild.

“It’s time the new leaders of the Coalition parties learnt the lessons of the election. After failing to be Labor-lite on energy policy in government, real Australians cannot afford the Coalition to be teal-lite on energy during this term of Parliament,” said Mr Wild.

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