Media Coverage August 4 2017

Media Coverage August 4 2017

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Institute of Public Affairs CD Kemp Fellow, Andrew Shearer, was extensively quoted on the front page of The Australian regarding Australia’s national security, in consideration of China’s expanding missile program:

“As the range of Chinese and North Korean missiles grows and their arsenals expand, it will also be necessary to consider the need to protect Australia itself.”

“Northern bases and the forces they host will be the first to come under threat, although over time the missile threat will likely extend to all of Australia.”

“It is not too soon to begin thinking about the requirements of continental missile defence.”

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Jennifer Marohasy was quoted in The Australian regarding evidence of data manipulation by the Bureau of Meteorology:

“To be clear, the problem is not with the equipment; all that needs to be done is for the smart-card readers to be removed.”

“So that after the automatic weather stations measure the correct­ temperature, this temp­erature can be brought forward firstly into the daily weather observation sheet and subsequently into the CDO (climate data online) dataset.”

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Bella d’Abrera was quoted in the Herald Sun on the isolation of male teachers in the school system, stating that men were “terrified in general” of physical contact with children — sometimes even their own:

“This is a toxic narrative that all men are potentially paedophiles.”

“It is more than political correctness gone wrong, it is an assault on the integrity of men.”

“Male primary school teachers are needed for both boys and girls, but especially as role models for boys.”

“We are creating a generation of children who are growing up without those and it makes boys ashamed to be boys.”

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