Media Coverage August 26 2017

Media Coverage August 26 2017

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Professor Peter Ridd, contributor to the IPA’s new book Climate Change: The Facts 2017, is believed to be under investigation from James Cook University for questioning the science of the Great Barrier Reef, as reported by The Australian.

‘His crime was to encourage the media to question two leading reef institutions, the Australian Instit­ute of Marine Science and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, on whether they knew that photos they had published and claimed to show the long-term collapse of reef health could be misleading and wrong.’

Writing in Climate Change: The Facts 2017, Professor Ridd said:

“Irrespective of one’s views about the role of carbon dioxide in warming the climate, it is remarkable that the Great Barrier Reef has become the ecosystem, more than almost all others, that is used to illustrate and claim environmental disaster from the modest warming we have seen over the course of the last century.”

“The fundamental problem is that we can no longer rely on ‘the science’ or, for that matter, our major scientific ­institutions”.

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