Media Coverage August 24 2017

Media Coverage August 24 2017

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The IPA’s Bella d’Abrera was quoted in The Australian on how school history curriculum’s have been ‘captured by ideologues’.

Ms. d’Abrera pointed to the Stolen Generations play performed at Sydney’s Forrestville primary school this month — where students dressed as nuns abusing indigenous children — as an “indication of how Australian children are being politicised in the classroom though the history curriculum’’.

“Rather than being taught critical thinking skills or a balanced version of historical events, they are being fed on a diet of identity politics,’’ Dr d’Abrera said.

“Our school curriculums have been captured by ideologues who are more interested in teaching students what to think, rather than the skills they will need. Education should be about skills and knowledge, not on ideology and indoctrination.’’

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