Media Coverage August 15 2017

Media Coverage August 15 2017

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Institute of Public Affairs CD Kemp Fellow, Andrew Shearer, was extensively quoted in the Australian today regarding a speech he is to deliver to the IPA later tonight on Australian foreign policy. A key part of his argument is that Australia’s ties to China should not be used to jeopardise our long-standing alliance with the US:

Australia should not allow itself to “be ­intimidated into compromising either our fundamental national security choices or our values by the threat of economic payback”.

Further in the article, he went on to say:

“Moreover — with the partial exception of trade policy — much of the Trump administration’s emerging international agenda looks very orthodox, and in several respects it marks a significant improvement on his predecessor’s foreign policy.”

Mr Shearer said it was a “worrying development” for the alliance that Labor’s support could no longer be taken for granted: “Opposition to the US alliance is a longstanding minority strand of Australian foreign policy opinion. Typically it amounts to little more than deep-seated cultural resentment.”

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