Media Coverage 23 October

Media Coverage 23 October

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IPA Research Fellow Morgan Begg was quoted in The Australian regarding the release of the IPA’s new report, Decentralising The Protection Of Australian Threatened Species.

“The current trajectory of threatened species listing is unsustainable, and places significant costs on development and growth” said Mr. Begg.

“Centralised environmental law, including the threatened species regime, facilitates ‘green lawfare’ which has cost the Australian economy as much as $1.2 billion in delays since 2000.”

“This sort of duplication needlessly draws out the approvals process for major projects.”

“The solution to this is environmental federalism. Only by embracing jurisdictional competition between the states will duplication be reduced and thus enabling more economic growth while maintaining environmental protection.”

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Dr. Jennifer Marohasy was mentioned in The Australia regarding allegations of concerns with the accuracy of the Bureau of Meteorology’s temperature data,  dating back to as early as 2012.

“BoM’s purpose-built sensors were revealed in a letter from BoM chief executive Andrew Johnson to scientist Jennifer Marohasy, who has questioned BoM’s methods. Dr Marohasy is concerned BoM’s equipment and methods do not meet international standards, something BoM rejects. But the bureau has declined requests from Dr Marohasy and The Australian for ­details of peer-reviewed or technical papers that compared the performance of its new sensors with the ones they replaced.”

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