Legislated Voice Will Divide Australians By Race

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12 January 2021
Legislated Voice Will Divide Australians By Race - Featured image

The federal government released on Saturday the interim report on an Indigenous Voice, through its co-design process for what an Indigenous Voice would look like and how it might operate.

IPA Director of Research Daniel Wild said of the announcement:

“The shared decision making model is undemocratic, illiberal, and shows that the Voice will have more than merely an advisory role and is likely to have effective veto rights over legislation.

The shared decision making model appears to confer extra political rights to Australians based on race. This is fundamentally inegalitarian and an affront to the Australian way of life.

All Australians should have equal rights and an equal voice in the political process regardless of their race.

All Australians, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or other immutable characteristics, should share in the decision making of their government.”

Watch the IPA’s video on the dangers of a Voice to Parliament, Race has No Place In The Constitution,

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