IPA Review – May 2018

IPA Review – May 2018

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Editorial – The Courage to Say No

Scott Hargreaves

In this edition we feature and salute two extraordinary individuals two men who have a taken a stand against an apparent consensus…

A New Kind of Rock Star

John Roskam

Reflections upon Jordan Peterson’s incredible performance in Melbourne.

Australia’s Galileo Moment?

Matthew Lesh

Peter Ridd’s battle for integrity in science raises questions about freedom of inquiry at Australia’s universities.

Five Ideas to Fix Australia

IPA Researchers

It’s time to consider new and disruptive options to revitalise our democracy.

Your Licence To Work

Gideon Rozner

Our obsession with licensing and certification keeps Australians out of work.

Renewing State Sovereignty

Morgan Begg

To restore our Federation, tax equalisation payments must be abolished and state fiscal autonomy encouraged.

Time For a Tax Revolution

Daniel Wild

Governments must pursue bold structural reforms if 2018 is to be the year of the tax cut.

The Long March Since Paris ’68

Scott Hargreaves

Student and worker protests in Paris in 1968 were short-lived but the effects have been felt for 50 years.

Historians’ War on Criminals

Matthew Bach

Claims nineteenth century criminals were oppressed by a ‘ruling class’ misrepresent a time when British institutions were increasingly liberal.

From Chaos to Order

Daniel Wild

Jordan Peterson’s new book draws on biology, psychology, religion and philosophy to show individuals how to take responsibility for their lives.

Spreading Democracy

Georgina Downer

The international expansion of freedom and democracy is being held back by declining support for liberal democratic ideas in the West.

How Networks and Hierarchies Explain the World

Matthew Lesh

Niall Ferguson explores the historical importance of hierarchies and networks, helping us understand today’s interconnected world.

Keeping the Faith

Fr James Grant enjoins churches to forgo populist progressivism in favour of the focus on the dignity of the individual and the social institution of the family.

Morgan Begg

School’s Out

A confronting new book by Bryan Caplan argues that the education system in the West is a waste of time and money for students and taxpayers.

Zeev Vinokurov

The Logic of Weirdness

Peter Gregory

Economist Pete Leeson explores the rational basis behind otherwise bizarre cultural practices.

The Politics of Curtin’s War

Richard Allsop

John Edwards’ new book on John Curtin stands up better than the he partisan rant delivered by Paul Keating at its official launch

Strange Times

James Bolt

The recent cold snap through Europe has seen unprecedented levels of children playing, and worse, enjoying themselves

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