IPA Review – August 2018

IPA Review – August 2018



Scott Hargreaves

It was an interesting process by which Kanye West came to grace the cover of the IPA Review, not previously noted for its coverage of rap artists.

Hope and Tax Cuts in Iowa

Gideon Rozner

What can Australia learn from middle America?

Our English Inheritance

Stephanie Forrest

Tracing the roots of the unique English parliamentary system we enjoy in our liberal democracy.

Dragon Energy

Morgan Begg

A nerdish cartoonist and a charismatic rapper find themselves on the same side of the culture war, as Trump’s persuasive talents rewrite the rules of politics.

Ye vs The People

Gideon Rozner

An unusual rap breaks the mould

Boondoggling Australia

IPA Researchers

Big government loves promising big dollars to big projects, leaving ticking debt bombs in the path of future generations.

Banking On Competition

John Dahlsen

Overregulation and red tape in banking has destroyed competition to the detriment of consumers.

Rediscovering Australian Liberalism

Zachary Gormann

Liberalism in Australia has a proud, much older history than the Liberal Party.

Red Tape Corrodes Democracy

David Kemp

The more government regulates its people, the more it fails them.

A Carbon Neutral Climate

Jennifer Marohasy

John Abbot

Investigating what the world’s climate would be like if the Industrial Revolution had never happened.

Defending Religious Liberty

Morgan Begg

It is time to change laws that are restricting religious liberty, an essential feature of freedom and liberal democracy.

Nobody Wins In Global Trade War

Matthew Lesh

Australia has much to lose in the looming global trade war.

When Two Tribes Go To War

Matthew Lesh

Tribalism is splitting the United States down cultural and political lines, and Matthew Lesh fears Australia is heading in the same direction.

Secrets And Sabotage

Richard Allsop

A new Richard Nixon biography uncovers more murky behaviour by the controversial president.

Strange Times

James Bolt

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