If You Still Have Electricity, Watch Q&A On Monday

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19 April 2018
If You Still Have Electricity, Watch Q&A On Monday - Featured image
I really can’t work out what’s causing Australia’s spiralling electricity prices…
Maybe energy ministers should look at that graph before they commit to more government intervention in the energy market at the COAG energy council meeting tomorrow. They should also read Daniel Wild’s report How regulation and red tape makes families poorer, which we told you about last month.

As we told you last week, Sydney barber Sam Rahim is being taken to the Federal Circuit Court for declining to cut a girl’s hair because he wasn’t qualified. Unfortunately, Sam is facing considerable legal costs – to support his defence, click here.

I wonder if Tony Jones will ask John Roskam about Sam Rahim when he appears on Q&A on Monday night? I’m sure if enough people submit a question about it (by clicking here) he will have to. To register to be part of the Q&A audience, click  here.

What do Jordan Peterson and Dennis Prager have in common? Their best-sellers are ignored by The New York Times best-seller list. But don’t worry NYT readers – we’ve got you covered. Click here to watch our 38 minute Young IPA Podcast  interview with Dennis from March.

What’s the British elite’s latest free speech low? Cymrophobia. English journalist Rod Liddle was accused of hating all things Welsh after he mocked Welsh spelling. Welsh language commissioner (it’s a thing) Meri Huws called for legislation “to prevent language hate”.

But don’t worry, there is one group in society you’re still allowed to openly despise. This New Yorker piece from last Friday calls a massively popular fast food chain’s expansion in New York creepy…because it’s run by Christians.

Last month, 44 countries signed the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. This is an excellent 1,800 word analysis of the possibility of free trade in Africa by European think tank Bruegel on Friday .

Our friends fighting to defend the Australian Constitution at the Samuel Griffith Society are holding their next annual conference in Brisbane on 3-5 August. Make sure you save the date and register your place here.

Featuring Professor Robert Tombs, and Dr Chris Berg, IPA

“(Australians are)relatively big fans of economic freedom and they’re relatively socially liberal. That, to my mind, is a classical liberal sympathetic mix. So I think there’s more opportunity in Australian politics for classical liberalism…and classical liberal policy, which we’re not seeing out of Canberra.”

– Dr Chris Berg, IPA

Article of the week:

Not too many professors of English in American universities believe in the Great Books – or that Donald Trump could turn out to be a great President. Mark Bauerlein at Emory University believes both. He published this last week on ‘The Overthrow of the Great Books’ and last year gave this great interview to Slate on Trump.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: James Bolt

PragerU videos are always excellent, but this one published last week is especially so. The great Dan Hannan says rich people are getting richer, but the poor are getting richer faster. I really love his point that Louis XIV of France was the richest person of his day, but almost every person in the West today lives better than he did.

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