Media Highlights 5 March – 12 March

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12 March 2020
Media Highlights 5 March – 12 March - Featured image

Thursday March 12

  • Cian Hussey responded to the government’s coronavirus stimulus plan in The Daily Telegraph and outlined why cutting red tape is the better solution. Link.

Wednesday March 11

  • Gideon Rozner joined the panel on Sky News Paul Murray Live for the ‘Better Call Paul’ segment
  • Daniel Wild discussed Joe Biden when he joined the Sky News The Bolt Report panel

Monday March 9

  • Morgan Begg’s article in The Australian called for capital-C conservatvies to be appointed to the High Court, and said the reaction to his original call for this shows how much the left controls this institution.

Sunday March 8

  • Gideon Rozner joined the panel on Sky News Sharri discussing green lawfare, China and Megxit.

Friday March 6

  • Generation Liberty’s ban from QUT was mentioned by Bronwyn Bishop on Sky News Hardgrave
  • Dara Macdonald discussed religious freedom laws in her article in The Australian

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