Hey…What Did I Miss?

Media Highlights 21 – 27 February

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27 February 2020
Hey... What did I miss?

Thursday 27 February

  • Evan Mulholland commented on the mayor of Manningham Council giving himself a pay rise in The Herald Sun, saying “The council should be reducing rates for ratepayers, these entitled councillors are pocketing the extra rates for themselves.”

Wednesday 26 February

  • Evan Mulholland’s viral tweet on Victorians getting four bins was picked up by The Daily Mail
  • Gideon Rozner discussed calls to change the national anthem in his appearance on the panel of The Bolt Report.

Tuesday 25 February

  • Evan Mulholland also wrote the case against four bins in The Herald Sun. Read his article here.
  • Evan’s viral tweet was also commented on by the panel on ABC News Breakfast, and 6 different radio stations.

Monday 24 February

  • Gideon Rozner called Bernie Sanders “the wackiest candidate [the Democrats] could find” when he joined the panel on Sky News Paul Murray Live. 
  • Our poll finding that Australians want their local councils to stick to roads, rates and rubbish and not pet political causes was discussed in Government News

Sunday 23 February

  • Gideon Rozner discussed the new poll showing that a majority of Australians believe the main cause of the summer’s bushfires was hazard reduction changes on Sky News The Front Page. These comments were also broadcast on the 5AA radio station in South Australia.

Friday 21 February

  • John Roskam said that Britain’s plan to follow an Australian-style immigration program was “common sense” when he joined the panel on Sky News The Friday Show
  • Gideon Rozner said the Australian education system was “going backwards” in his appearance on Sky News Credlin.
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