Huffington Post should read the Magna Carta

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22 June 2017
Huffington Post should read the Magna Carta - Featured image

The Magna Carta is the founding document of individual liberty, the rule of law, and parliamentary democracy – watch the IPA’s Dr Bella d’Abrera explain how it has shaped Australia in our newest video, ‘The Magna Carta in Australia‘:

That’s volume 1 of The British Heritage of our Freedoms – a series of short documentaries by the IPA about the British institutions that have shaped Australia. Volume 2 on the rule of law will be out next month.

This is the difference between free speech in Australia and the US. In Australia, Rosalind Croucher was appointed head of the AHRC – a move John Roskam called ‘a snub in the face of freedom‘ in the SMH and Morgan Begg called a ‘Triggs-lite‘ appointment in The Spectator Australia.

But in the US in the same week, the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that hate speech is not an exception to the First Amendment. Rich Lowry had an excellent piece on the decision in National Review on Tuesday.

But before you apply for a green card, watch this from Vice News on Thursday (note: some explicit language). It is a 7 minute documentary about the free speech controversy at Evergreen State College we told you about 3 weeks ago and it is absolutely chilling.

What happened to Otto Warmbier is a tragedy and a horrifying reminder of the dangers of totalitarianism. That’s our take. Another take was from Huffington Post, who in March said it’s a timely reminder of the evils of “white male privilege“. Hopefully, the piece is just one of the racist and sexist hoaxes Huffington Post churns out from time to time.

Want to know why Jeremy Corbyn almost won the British election? IPA Research Fellow Matthew Lesh, just back from the UK, answers that question and many others in his fascinating interview on the Young IPA Podcast last Friday. Click here to listen to the episode, or subscribe on iTunes or SoundCloud.

The documentary even The Washington Post couldn’t ignore, Climate Hustle, is coming to Australia. You can see the film and participate in Q&A sessions with the producers in Melbourne on 12 July, Brisbane on 15 July, and Sydney on 18 July.

Article of the week:

As reported in The Daily Wire yesterday, an excellent Harvard study of the San Francisco Bay Area from 2008-2016 found that for every $1 increase in the minimum wage, mid-range restaurants were 14% more likely to close.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Andrew Bushnell

In this response to the Alexandria shooting in the United States last week, National Review roving correspondent Kevin Williamson makes the important point that the belief that the institutions of civilisation are inherently oppressive and violent logically leads to the use of violence for political ends.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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