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21 December 2017
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The US Congress yesterday passed the most sweeping tax overhaul since the Reagan era, including slashing the American company tax rate from 35% to 21%. At home, Australia’s rate is still among the highest in the OECD as we said in September:

Back in October the legendary Dr Art Laffer argued Trump’s tax cuts could lead to America’s greatest economic boom since those Reagan tax cuts. The IPA’s Daniel Wild today noted the cuts mean Australia is an “even less attractive destination for businesses to invest in” and called on the government to cut our high company tax rate.

This is the final edition of Hey for the year – and this is what you really liked in 2017:

But you were less interested in these links:

Each member of the Hey team also had their favourite stories of the year:

James Bolt

The story I was most fascinated by this year was the Lindsay Shepherd saga out of Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada. Hey readers might recall in November that Shepherd was subjected to a disciplinary meeting after she showed her students footage of a  debate featuring the great Jordan Peterson. Shepherd recorded the meeting, which included some truly depressing quotes from the diversity officers.

Eventually the university and the teachers involved ‘apologised‘. But it demonstrates the dire state of academic freedom at universities – especially since it has emerged this month that no student actually complained in the first place!

Peter Gregory

In October we showed you a hilarious video from Campus Reform – the filmmakers asked US college students what they thought of Bernie Sanders’ tax package. They loved it… except that the measures they were reading out to the students were actually Donald Trump’s. But it’s cruel to pick on the kids – you’d get the same result with the majority of the cultural elite…

Morgan Begg

My pick of the year was the bizarre criticism by the Left directed at Taylor Swift for daring to keep her political opinions to herself during the 2016 US Presidential Election, as we shared in November. This week New York Magazine sarcastically congratulated Swift for being the ” only person who seemed to enjoy 2017“.

And if you’re looking for a reading list over the Christmas break, you can revisit the “Books you should buy for Christmas” as recommended by IPA staff in November.

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Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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