Here’s What Extinction Rebellion Needs To Know

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10 October 2019
Here’s What Extinction Rebellion Needs To Know - Featured image

Extinction Rebellion is protesting in the wrong country.

But they are far from the only ones unwilling to go up against China. The NBA quickly apologised to China after the Houston Rockets’ general manager tweeted support for Hong Kong protesters and Apple went a step further, banning an app assisting Hong Kong protesters and removing the Taiwanese flag emoji from iPhones in Hong Kong.

In stark contrast, South Park has parodied Chinese censorship and taken aim at the cowardly capitulation by America’s entertainment industry. Read their hilarious ‘apology‘ to China. Daniel Wild wrote about the importance of the Hong Kong protests in the Herald Sun last Friday, arguing that “China is seeking to export its brand of Communism around the world including into Australia.”

Justin Trudeau’s handing of his blackface scandal has continued to deliver ahead of the Canadian federal election later this month. I’m not sure which engagement was more awkward for the Prime Minister, his attempted pivot from blackface to climate change during an election debate, or this amazing dialogue with primary school students.

This week US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres committed the great crime of being friends with someone who doesn’t share the same beliefs she has, when she revealed her friendship with George W. Bush. The outrage wing of the internet did not approve. Sarah Jones argued in New York Magazine Nobody should be friends with George W. Bush‘.

If you are in Adelaide there is still time to make it to our Generation Liberty event tonight at the University of Adelaide – ‘The Great Energy Debate: Which power source is best to solve the energy crisis?

Senator James Paterson will be discussing ‘Liberal Values Beyond Our Shores’ with Dave Sharma MP and Greg Sheridan AO in Melbourne on Wednesday 6 November. Tickets can be booked here. There is also a $20 discount for Generation Liberty members.

The theme of this year’s Australian Chesterton Conference on 19 October in Sydney at Campion College, is ‘Reclaiming the Economy: A Chesterton Alternative’. Book tickets here

Article of the week:

This is an upper-middle-class death cult”. That was Brendan O’Neill’s assessment of Extinction Rebellion on Spiked on Monday. O’Neill highlights the disturbing features of a religious system constructed by the “self-loathing bourgeoisie coming together to project their own psycho-social hang-ups on to society at large”.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Daniel Wild

The always astute Conrad Black writes in this article for American Greatness that President Trump is a fighter who has been able to out-wit his opponents at every turn. Black writes “Trump has gained full control of his party, [and] has held at least 45 percent of the country solidly behind him.” The latest push for impeachment over the drummed up Ukrainian scandal will most likely see Trump stronger than ever heading in 2020.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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