Hayek Was A Sledger Too

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29 March 2018
Hayek Was A Sledger Too - Featured image
If you’re wondering why the Australian cricket team cheating and lying matters, watch Professor Robert Tombs explain how Western Civilisation is like the laws of cricket in his brilliant 33-min speech to the IPA last week:
If you missed Professor Tombs’ tour with the IPA, make sure you watch his appearance on Outsiders and The Bolt Report.

John Roskam wrote in The Australian Financial Review on Friday why we would be better off just scrapping compulsory super. Labor’s proposed changes to superannuation could hurt millions of Australians and will hike taxes, says Daniel Wild in his latest Parliamentary Research Brief sent to MPs this week.

Thank God we’re hiking taxes – how else would we be able to afford the ABC’s propaganda rap videos about white privilege for children. You have to watch Georgina Downer’s brilliant reaction on Sky News last night.

And only the ABC could blame the Australian ball tampering scandal on… Friedrich Hayek!

You might have heard about the 2,232 page “Omnibus spending bill” that passed the US congress last week – but you wouldn’t have read it. Neither did any of the people that voted for it. Senator Rand Paul did actually read it, and tweeted out the extraordinary spending measures line by line. I can’t even pick a favourite!

Last week we told you about YouTuber Count Dankula’s conviction for uploading a video of a dog doing Nazi salutes. If you don’t mind the use of very strong language you should watch this reaction video from comedian Tom Walker AKA Jonathan Pie. But I don’t know why he’s worried about free speech – it’s not like the police would actively encourage people to report Pie’s own video as offensive.  Oh wait

On top of that, a UK parliamentary human rights committee concluded this week that free speech problems at British universities are exaggerated – which might be the conclusion you reach if you base it on a survey of student union officials who are behind speaker bans.

And take a look at Monash University’s latest advertising video – it makes them look like a training camp for social justice warriors. Which is fitting given the IPA’s Free Speech on Campus Audit 2017 puts Monash equal third worst for free speech in the country.

Featuring Dennis Prager, Founder of Prager University, and Andrew Hastie MP

“The left has never valued freedom. Liberals have valued freedom. I make a very strong distinction and I think all of us who are not on the left must, between liberals and leftists. Liberals are pro free speech, leftists have never been. Because they are not for any form of freedom. Leftism is as totalitarian as a country will allow it to be.”

– Dennis Prager, Founder of Prager University

Article of the week:

Frank Furedi explains in this fascinating 2,800 word article how anti-populists who denigrate national identity as a sign of xenophobia are attacking the idea of popular sovereignty – and the idea of democracy itself, in this month’s Spiked Review.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Scott Hargreaves

I was around when the decision to go into Iraq sparked heated debates within the different strands of the right in the US and also Australia. But the debates over what happened next have been just as fierce. Somehow this amazing piece, which starts with 74 year old former Coalition Provision Authority head Paul Bremer, working as a ski instructor in Vermont, sheds more light on the occupation of Iraq than anything I’ve read since.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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