Government Must Reject NSW ICAC-Style Kangaroo Court

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30 January 2018
Government Must Reject NSW ICAC-Style Kangaroo Court - Featured image

“Bill Shorten’s call for a federal corruption commission should be rejected by the government and by anyone that believes in basic legal rights,” said Simon Breheny, Director of Policy at the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

“Introducing a NSW ICAC-style kangaroo court into the federal sphere is a good idea if you believe in trampling on fundamental legal rights.”

“Corruption commissions are notorious for abrogating the right to silence, reversing the presumption of innocence and spurning rules of evidence.”

“A federal corruption commission would exacerbate the existing legal rights crisis in Australia.”

Recent IPA research uncovered 324 legal rights-beaching provisions in current Commonwealth legislation.

“The mere act of being referred to a Federal ICAC will assume guilt before a fair trial, and will be used as a political weapon rather than uncover actual cases of serious corruption.”

“The Turnbull government must demonstrate its commitment to the bedrock principles of our legal system and reject calls for a federal ICAC,” said Mr Breheny.


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