Good Thing King George III Didn’t Have Facebook

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5 July 2018
Good Thing King George III Didn’t Have Facebook - Featured image
Red tape is hurting small businesses most of all. The Commonwealth passed 61,615 pages of legislation between 2007 and 2016, and look what it has done to small business:
That’s from upcoming research by Matthew Lesh. If you want to know what has happened to Australia’s entrepreneurs, read what Matthew wrote in his June article in The Spectator Australia, Where have all our entrepreneurs gone?

Tim Soutphommasane’s time as Race Discrimination Commissioner is finally coming to an end and he’s still obsessed with the IPA. I don’t know what we will miss more – asking people to complain under 18C or describing modern conservatism as “ xenophobic and racist.” Maybe it’s paying $340,000 per year for the whole experience.

After Justice Anthony Kennedy’s surprise announcement of his impending retirement from the US Supreme Court, the race is on to find a replacement. The Daily Signal profiled the six people most likely to get the appointment on Monday. The frontrunner appears to be Amy Barrett – RealClearPolitics on Tuesday published the four reasons to be excited about her.

The media are losing their minds at the victory of bona fide socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the New York congressional primaries over senior Democrat Joe Crawley. Some are calling it the Democrats’ Eric Cantor moment – but Robby Soave in Reason last week said the impact of Ocasio-Cortez’s victory is overstated.

Good thing Facebook wasn’t around in 1776! The Declaration of Independence this week was found by Facebook’s algorithm to breach its guidelines around hate speech.

Don’t miss your chance to hear Tony Abbott, Archbishop Julian Porteous or High Court Chief Justice Susan Kiefel and many other great speakers discuss freedom of religion, the monarchy, and upholding the Australian Constitution at the Samuel Griffith Society’s conference on 3-5 August in Brisbane. Register your place here.

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Featuring Steven Globerman, Fraser Institute and Matthew Lesh, IPA

“If he (Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford) follows through with the platform….then it seems reasonable to expect some reduction in tax rates, some reductions in regulations and those initiatives would be in the right direction in terms of promoting entrepreneurship and broadly promoting economic growth.”

– Steven Globerman, Fraser Institute

Article of the week:

As the world awaits the scale of celebration if England win the world cup (honestly, if this is how they celebrate during the group stages, then…) fans have been told to turn it down – with the head of football policing in Britain saying flying the English flag in Russia can “come across as almost imperialistic… and can cause antagonism.” Mick Hume in Spiked slams the elites’ sneering at the English fans.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Gideon Rozner

In this viral video, New Yorker Brandon Straka explains how he became a conservative after disillusionment with the cultural left. “I will no longer be a part of an ideology that represents everything that contradicts my values of unity, equal opportunity, personal empowerment, compassion and love,” he says. The video has since spawned a #WalkAway Twitter hashtag, with thousands of Americans telling their stories about deserting the left.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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