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8 February 2018
Feeling lonely? Call the government… - Featured image

The IPA’s Cut Red Tape Project is kicking goals! The federal government last year passed the fewest pages of legislation since 1996:

Thank you to everyone who donated to Professor Peter Ridd’s fight for academic freedom! He raised $99,000 in 48 hours from people who stood up for freedom of speech and scientific integrity. Revisit Professor Ridd’s chapter in Climate Change: The Facts 2017 that started the whole scandal here and listen to John Roskam’s interview with Alan Jones this week. .

The IPA is delighted to announce the tour of Cambridge professor and leading British historian Professor Robert Tombs in March, who’ll be delivering the lecture ‘Why Western Civilisation is our Future’. Professor Tombs was one of the very few academics in Britain to support Brexit! Details for his events in Melbourne and Sydney are here.

Two big contenders for wokest statement of the week this week – Justin Trudeau and ESPN host Max Kellerman. Kellerman started strong by saying the Notre Dame’s famous Fighting Irish mascot should be removed for its negative portrayal of the Irish, but I think Trudeau takes this week out for telling a high school student to use the term “peoplekind” instead of mankind.

To wash that off, watch this fantastic hour and a half conversation with Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin on The Rubin Report, recorded last week on postmodernism, Trump and yes, that Cathy Newman interview.

The public schools of Edina in Minnesota were the gold standard – then the progressives took over and changed the goal of education to “racial equity.” Read what happened in this brilliant article by Katherine Kersten in The Weekly Standard last week on how even the school’s bus drivers learned that “dismantling white privilege” was their main goal in employment.

If you’re feeling lonely I have some bad news – European governments think they can help. After Britain introduced a Minister for Loneliness last month, there are pushes for similar positions to be set up in Switzerland and Germany.


Article of the week:

This week, the Catholic Church moved towards an agreement that will allow the Chinese government to select Chinese bishops instead of the Church. This excellent piece from former IPA guest George Weigel in National Review explains what happens when the Catholic Church sells its soul.


IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Morgan Begg

In 2007, Climate Change: The Facts 2014 contributor J. Scott Armstrong famously challenged Al Gore’s alarmist warning of a climate “tipping point” in global temperatures over the following decade. Well, the decade is up and the facts are in – and as Kesten Green comprehensively explains at theclimatebet.com, Armstrong is the undisputed winner of the “bet”.


Here’s what else the IPA said this week:


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