Could A Hypothetical Couple Survive On Wind Energy?

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8 March 2018
Could A Hypothetical Couple Survive On Wind Energy? - Featured image
Maybe those people that oppose coal should go without it for a day. Good luck with that. Here is the breakdown of coal and wind energy generation in Australia from this morning:
The New York Times, desperate to write a hit piece about President Trump’s tax cuts, couldn’t find anyone that was actually going to be worse off – so they had to make up a “hypothetical couple in suburban New York“. And they still got it wrong! Even  this progressive economist showed last week the fake family would owe less in taxes.

As good as the tax cuts are, the trade tariffs announced by Trump are a “wanton act of economic self-destruction” according to the Cato Institute’s Colin Grabow.

Eurosceptic parties won over 50% of the vote in national elections in Italy on Sunday. As The Conservative Online noted on Monday, it’s no wonder that the Italian establishment – which failed to understand Brexit and Trump – would miss what was happening under their own noses.

The Academy Awards remain the gold standard in picking which films to avoid. Best Picture winner The Shape of Water was an intersectionalist “anti-civilisation escape fantasy” as this excellent review from the Library of Law & Liberty explained in February.
What wine pairs best with a communist tyrant? The Melbourne Food and Wine festival tried to find out with ‘A Festival of Che’, as Tim Blair reported this week. Just like how Stalin erased communist officials from Soviet records, it looks like the festival has disappeared Che from their own history.

“Groupthink” has infected the climate change movement, and we’re all paying the costs. That’s the take out from this fantastic 96 page paper from the Global Warming Policy Forum released in February.

There are still a few tickets left for Professor Robert Tombs’ lecture in Melbourne on 20 March. Come along to hear one of Britain’s leading historians discuss “Why Western Civilisation is our Future” with special guests Janet Albrechtsen and Ross Cameron.

Featuring Evan Mulholland and Andy Poon, Institute of Public Affairs

“Being in the US and seeing some of the news channels – all of them are obsessed with Russian collusion. And you’ve got a booming economy, unemployment at record lows, the tax reform has enabled four million workers in the US now to receive bonuses and wage increases…but you wouldn’t hear about it if you listened to the mainstream media.”

– Evan Mulholland

Article of the week:

If you never read Steven Pinker’s bestselling book “Enlightenment Now” you should read this excellent 5,300 word review from Nick Spencer at the Theos Think Tank in the UK to understand what Pinker gets wrong about the Enlightenment.

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I don’t agree with what Ross Douthat says about Trump’s tax cuts – they have been great for workers – but he is spot on about the dangers of corporations pandering to the activist Left. As Douthat explains in The New York Times last week, “Corporate pandering to the activist Left’s agenda will never suffice. They will always demand more, and their real aim is and always will be higher taxes and more workforce regulation.”

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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