Company Tax A 1/1024 Good Policy

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18 October 2018
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For some reason I think some companies might not want to increase their revenue above 50 million per year:

As the Australian Financial Review reported on Tuesday, the federal government will move ahead with a proposal to drop taxes for more than 3 million businesses. The Senate should also support tax cuts for the remaining Australian companies – as Daniel Wild wrote in the IPA Review in May, a two-tiered company tax system is ” bad for job creation and penalises successful businesses“.

Meanwhile the United States – which does have a tax reform and red tape agenda – ranked first place in the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Competitiveness Report published on Tuesday (Australia was 14th, with rigid labour market and low innovation capacity cited).

This is something you won’t see reported much in the Australian media! Despite rolling back environmental regulations, greenhouse gas emissions in the United States fell by 2.7% since Trump’s election according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

You might not have heard about that because everyone was talking about Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren boasting of having Native American heritage… which turned out to be between 1/64th to 1/1024th. But we don’t care about her DNA, we just care about her political DNA – as Robby Soave explained at Reason on Monday the real problem with Warren is her cronyist faux populism.

The great Tyler Cowen who runs Marginal Revolution has a new book out: Stubborn Attachments which explores how a “a free society is objectively better in terms of ethics, political philosophy, and economics”. Tim Harford, the Undercover Economist, called it his ” best, most ambitious” work.

There are still tickets for the great Dan Hannan, who is touring Australia with the IPA and our friends at the Menzies Research Centre, in Perth on Tuesday 30 October (introduced by Andrew Hastie MP) and in Melbourne on Wednesday 31 October where he will be in conversation with John Roskam and Nick Cater.

If you’re one of our great members in the wretched hive that is Canberra, you can escape the swamp on Monday night by registering here to join Tim Wilson MP at Parliament House as he launches Matthew Lesh’s book Democracy in a Divided Australia.

And don’t forget to check out John Roskam and Andrew Bolt discuss Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes in the latest edition of the IPA’s Great Books of Literature Podcast! Listen on Podbean,  iTunes or on the IPA website.

Featuring Greg Sheridan, author of God is Good For You, Scott Hargreaves, Editor of IPA Review 

“Our civilisation, and everything we like about it – human rights, feminism, environmentalism, secular government – the whole lot all grew organically out of Christianity. Not in a repudiation of Christianity in the Enlightenment, but organically.”

– Greg Sheridan, author of God is Good For You

Article of the week:

The world is becoming more free and peaceful – yet there remains a mass hysteria over seemingly every single political issue and apocalypse is around the corner. Kevin D. Williamson in National Review explains this hysteria with: “The angry partisan cannot believe that life is good, because he must then ask himself: If life is good, then why am I not enjoying it?” And if anyone knows about outrage mobs, it’s Kevin D. Williamson.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: John Roskam

Professor Richard Lindzen at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the world’s foremost climate change scientist. 10 days ago in London he delivered this landmark speech ‘Global warming for the two cultures‘ to the Global Warming Policy Foundation. It is compulsory reading.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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