Combing The Internet For Offence

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15 August 2019
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This graph shows the extent of Australia’s red tape crisis. The number of regulatory restrictiveness clauses in federal legislation increased from around 2,000 in the late 1970s to 95,000 in 2015:

That graph comes from RegData Australia – a landmark project where the IPA has worked alongside the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in the USA to establish a tool to quantify and reduce red tape, building on work done in collaboration with RMIT University. Read more about the project by downloading the IPA’s report here as well as the coverage on page 2 of Wednesday’s Australian.

The government is planning to ban cash transactions over $10,000 as the RBA considers negative interest rates. Holding and using cash is an important freedom when banks are offering low or even negative returns on deposits. I told the Newcastle Herald on Monday that, “the ability to operate in cash… limits the ability of central banks to engage in destructive monetary policy experiments.”

Socialism continues to wreak havoc on economic and personal freedoms. Police in Hong Kong are growing increasingly violent towards peaceful protesters and Argentina’s currency has hit record lows after the strong primary election victory by the left-wing Alberto Fernandez increased the chances of defaulting on government debt.

Making fun of this man’s hair is off limits! An appeal for information on a convicted drug dealer by Gwent Police in South Wales on Facebook prompted nearly 90,000 comments consisting largely of jokes about the drug dealer’s receding unkempt hair. Police warned commenters that their “grossly offensive” joking could lead to them being investigated.

Renee Gorman had a lot of fun at CPAC last week giving Nigel Farage, Raheem Kassam, Rowan Dean and many others their Generation Liberty stubby holders. Nominate who you think should be the fourth person we feature on a stubby holder in the comments of this Facebook post. The best answer wins the full set!

Jacinta Price’s ‘Mind the Gap’ tour is fast approaching.  The tour starts on 26 August in Adelaide, and is going to Mildura, Bendigo, Melbourne, Albury, Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane, and Toowoomba. Book your tickets here, and remember to use the coupon code ‘price10’ to get a 10 per cent discount for Hey readers.

Article of the week:

“If America and its allies don’t act soon, then the Communist scorpion will sting – and a free Hong Kong will die,” writes Kristina Olney at the National Review on Monday. Beijing’s tolerance of personal and economic freedom in Hong Kong is waning. Olney outlines the diplomatic levers the United States can pull to defend a free Hong Kong.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Renee Gorman 

This is a video of the best panel at Friedman 2019, and possibly the best ever panel at the Friedman conference. The ‘Leaving the Left’ panel was comprised of four female speakers discussing their transformative and often painful journey from the regressive left side of politics. I found the discussion particularly powerful as I too ‘left the left’. I encourage everyone to watch to learn more about how, why and what can change people’s minds and how we can all create more political migrants.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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