Liberalism: A Short History by Richard Allsop

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10 May 2014
Liberalism: A Short History by Richard Allsop - Featured image

The Institute of Public Affairs is excited to present Liberalism: A Short History by IPA Research Fellow Richard Allsop. This is the fourth addition to the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program monograph series.

Western Civilisation owes the word ‘liberal’ to the Spanish War of Independence (1808-14) where the liberales, who wanted individual rights and an end to feudal privilege, were pitched against the serviles, who supported the monarchy and aristocracy.

As Richard Allsop points out in this engrossing and comprehensive short history, when it arrived in England, ‘liberal’ was first used as a term of abuse.

Since then, liberalism has evolved into one of the most contested political philosophies.

Richard Allsop traces the rise of liberalism with John Locke and the Levellers, its decline in the early twentieth century in the face of progressivism and Fabian socialism, and its re-emergence with Friedrich Hayek and politicians such as Margaret Thatcher.

This book is a powerful retelling of Western Civilisation’s greatest story: the emergence, decline, and revival of the philosophy of liberty and individual rights.

You can obtain your own copy of this fascinating monograph from the IPA for $9.95. Contact Claire Peter-Budge at the Institute of Public Affairs on 03 9600 4744 or at [email protected].

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