Bernie Sanders: Hardcore Capitalist

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25 July 2019
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We have the chance to transform millions of lives in Bangladesh by exporting more Australian coal – and yet the pressures to divest from coal completely to limit our carbon footprint still remain. Considering the footprint of other nations, that’s a bad excuse to not fight poverty:

Boris Johnson’s ascension to UK Prime Minister means it’s time to revisit the time he laid the greatest hit in rugby history. But seriously – just what will Boris be like as Prime Minister? Quillette associate editor Toby Young says Boris is one of those “ individuals that come along once in a generation” but Tom Slater in Spiked said for Leavers “Boris Johnson is not our saviour” and “the Tories are incapable of delivering Brexit.”

Dr Peter Ridd’s fight for freedom of speech on climate change is not over, with James Cook University revealing on Friday they plan to appeal the decision of the Federal Circuit Court. Gideon Rozner was at the court in Brisbane – watch what he told IPA members. The IPA will continue to defend free speech on climate change – click here to sign up for updates on Peter’s case.

“Every day we should wake up and be totally amazed at how this thing works“. If you haven’t had the chance to watch Hillsdale College’s Gary Wolfram talk about the magic of markets to Generation Liberty IPA Academy yet, watch it now – it’s magnificent.

Top Gun is getting a sequel – and Maverick will jump in the cockpit to defend…whatever doesn’t offend censors in China. Maverick’s iconic jacket has had the Taiwanese and Japanese flag removed in the new trailer. As Morgan Begg said in The Spectator Australia last year, “the West is now in the position of effectively disseminating the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Having trouble convincing your friends the minimum wage is a bad idea? Then let Bernie Sanders help you. This week after his campaign workers pushed to be paid his proposed minimum wage of $15 per hour, Bernie agreed – but cut back hours people could work to pay for it.

Article of the week:

There is something uniquely unsettling about censorship when it comes from the public. After comedian Dina Hashem took down her routine because of death threats, Katherine Timpf wrote in National Review on Tuesday that “we need to take a hard turn away from how our culture treats comedy now in order to save it.”

IPA Staff Pick:

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Electricity costs more, there are more blackouts, the grid is less reliable and the same politicians who shut down power stations and caused the crisis are blaming the energy companies. SA? Vic? Well, yes, but also New York, where Governor Cuomo runs the same plays as Weatherill and Andrews.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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