Australia Must Withdraw From Paris

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30 August 2018
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“The Morrison Government must put Australians ahead of European bureaucrats and withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement”, said Daniel Wild, Research Fellow at the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

In a speech today (30 August 2018) at a small-business summit in Sydney, the Minister for Energy, Angus Taylor, outlined the government’s plans for the energy sector. This includes prioritising lower electricity prices and improved supply reliability above reducing emissions.

“It is encouraging that the government will not be proceeding with the National Energy Guarantee, and will instead put lower electricity prices and supply reliability ahead of reducing emissions.”

“Prices have risen by close to 130 per cent over the past decade, which has coincided with a rise in the share of wind and solar energy generation from two per cent to 16 per cent.”

“The government should end all subsidies and preferences to wind, solar, gas, coal, and hydro, and instead be completely technology neutral with regards to the energy generation mix.”

“Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement would provide a clear signal that the government is putting the interests of working class and middle-class Australians ahead of the political elites.”

“The ban on the use of nuclear energy should be lifted. With 30 per cent of the world’s uranium supplies, nuclear energy should play a role in Australia’s energy generation mix.”

“The mark of success will be withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and abolition of the Renewable Energy Target,” said Mr Wild.

Recent IPA research estimated that implementing the Paris Climate Agreement emissions reduction requirements would cost Australia at least $52 billion by 2030. That is equal to $8,566 for every Australian family.

Download the reportWhy Australia must exit the Paris Climate Agreement.

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