Australia’s Employment Crisis

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24 August 2017
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One in five Australian males between the ages of 20 and 54 are out of work – and many will not come back. That figure was less than 4% in the 1950s:

That’s from IPA Research Fellow Gideon Rozner’s latest report, The Disappearing Australian Working Man, released on Saturday. Watch Gideon’s latest video, Men Without Work and read The Daily Telegraph’s  exclusive coverage of the report on Saturday.

Another local council in Melbourne has taken a break from collecting the rubbish and is discarding Australia Day. The IPA’s Evan Mullholland said “identity politics” has infiltrated local government in The Herald Sun on Tuesday. In January 2016, the IPA commissioned a poll to find out exactly what Australians thought of Australia Day:

For the last two days, the IPA’s Dr Bella d’Abrera has been on the front page of The Australian. Yesterday, she was asking where the left’s obsession with tearing down historic monuments will end? Today, she was talking about a primary school in Forestville, NSW, where in a play earlier this month students pretending to be nuns abused students pretending to be indigenous children.

Dr Jennifer Marohasy’s piece in The Spectator Australia has been read 700,000 times since yesterday! It’s on her ground-breaking research that examines six 2,000 year temperature series, and cannot confirm that industrialisation has significantly impacted temperatures. For a more detailed summary of Jennifer’s report, read her post in FreedomWatch today.

Who said corporate America lacked moral conviction? ESPN pulled sportscaster Robert Lee from a Virginia football game last week because he shares the name of a confederate general… because they thought people might make memes about him.

Is a free speech counter-revolution building at American colleges? And at UC Berkeley of all places! In their announcement of a free speech year, they discouraged students from exercising “heckler’s veto” and “platform denial”, and urged them to respond to speech they don’t like with “more speech”. This builds on the University of Chicago’s long defence of free speech.

Last Friday The Young IPA Podcast hosts James Bolt and Peter Gregory were guests on The John Batchelor Show in New York. Click here to listen to the interview and subscribe on iTunes or  SoundCloud.

Article of the week

In this sweeping 2,400 word piece in National Review on Tuesday, Victor Davis Hanson questions the moral consistency and authority of those who are waging war on memory by removing and defacing statues.

IPA Staff Pick

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: John Roskam

Five-time best-selling author Sam Harris’ 89 min podcast with Douglas Murray (author of The Strange Death of Europe) is brilliant. They talk about identity politics, the events in Charlottesville, the sources of Western values and the problem of finding meaning is a secular world.

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