Hope and freedom are central to human flourishing. Hope and freedom transform lives. Since we were founded in 1943 it has been a mission of the Institute of Public affairs to be the voice for hope and freedom in the best country in the world.

If there is one group of people who must absolutely hear the message of hope and freedom it is young people. It is a message that sadly these days young people do not hear often enough.

Project Hope is the ambition of the IPA to take the message of freedom across the country and reach at least 10% of young people with our Generation Liberty program. That is 300,000 young Australians to be exposed to the ideas of liberty and the principles of liberal democracy. Project Hope is how we do that, and we invite you to join us in transforming lives and securing freedom for all Australians.

Project Hope builds on the success of the IPA Campus Coordinator program that was established in 2015. Our goal is to have 40 Generation Liberty Coordinators around Australia by 2022. There are now 20 Generation Liberty Coordinators spreading the message of freedom not just to university students, but to all free-thinking young people, whether they be on a campus, on a job site, or in an office.

Currently we have over 1,700 Australians under the age of 25 who are members of IPA Generation Liberty, and our digital products reach nearly 40,000 young people per week – often exposing them to ideas they have not been taught elsewhere.

Generation Liberty Coordinators are passionate about communicating the ideas of liberty, the principles of liberal democracy, freedom of speech, and the culture of Western Civilisation.

They are the extraordinary young leaders from across Australia who choose to be beacons for their peers. They are positive and optimistic about how freedom changes people’s lives for the better. They have hope for the future. The Generation Liberty Coordinators give young Australians the tools and the knowledge to fulfil their potential.

These Generation Liberty Coordinators fulfil the following responsibilities:

  1. Undertake research on how to communicate the ideas of liberty to young people
  2. Build and support a community of Generation Liberty members by being a focal point at universities, in the media, online, or at events
  3. Organise events such as debates, discussions, or with special guest speakers
  4. Mentor high school students and other young members who are just discovering Generation Liberty
  5. Take part in Generation Liberty Book Club through online podcasts, educational and promotional videos, and social media

We invite you to share in our vision for a free and prosperous future by becoming a member of Project Hope. With your support, the IPA will ensure that thousands more young Australians will discover Generation Liberty and the ideas of freedom and how they transform lives. Our Generation Liberty Coordinators will carry these messages throughout their lives, to ensure that Australia’s freedom remains secure for generations to come.

Your gift to the Institute of Public Affairs will enable us to grow our Generation Liberty program and enable us to place 40 Generation Liberty Coordinators around the country. You will join a special group of supporters making a contribution of $5,000 a year with a two-year commitment, totaling $10,000.

Each Generation Liberty Coordinator costs the Institute of Public Affairs $20,000 a year. This covers wages of $10,000 work one day a week for the IPA and $10,000 to enable Generation Liberty Coordinators to deliver our schedule of research, programs and activities.

In recognition of your support you will receive:

  • The knowledge you are changing the future of Australia and giving hope to the next generation
  • An exclusive invitation to the annual Project Hope Retreat and Annual Gala Dinner
  • Project Hope Yearbook
  • Project Hope Newsletter every six months
  • A personalised notebook
  • Optional recognition in IPA Annual Report
  • An IPA Premier membership

Annual Project Hope membership fee (including GST) $500
Annual tax deductible donation to support IPA Research $4,500
Total annual contribution $5,000
Total commitment to Project Hope over two years $10,000

If you would like any further information on Project Hope please call Rachel Guy on 0401 946 733 or at [email protected]

Click here to download the Project Hope information booklet.

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