The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 14 with Georgina Downer

The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 14 with Georgina Downer

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The results are coming in for the British election and the Conservatives are panicking. Pete and James discuss the fallout, the Andrew Bolt fight and Clive James’ essay (0:00 -5:58). Interview with IPA Adjunct Fellow Georgina Downer about the UK election campaign, how the Tories got it so wrong, the impact the election will have on Brexit and how many fields of wheat Theresa May will run through if she does maintain a majority (6:00 -20:30). At the end we talk about Dianne Abbott and Theresa May’s big week of headline grabs, an alarming report out of Buzzfeed on children using Trump’s language to bully each other, Cheshire Police’s questionable priorities and IPA Research Fellow Andrew Bushnell responds to 3AW’s criticism of him in the only way he knows how.

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