The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 11 with Senator James Paterson

The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 11 with Senator James Paterson

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It’s always a sign the government likes a policy they’re introducing when they make stakeholders sign a non-disclosure agreement about it. We’re recapping a bizarre week of bank tax headlines (1:16) and running through some key op-eds the IPA put out this week (3:33). Interview with Senator James Paterson about his first year in the Senate, what he misses about working at the IPA, the budget, the future of liberalism and who enjoyed working with more – Pete or James (8:02-21:34), At the end we have a Q&A clap on why we’re such great people, a social justice group that somehow thinks maths is too hard for indigenous people. The One Thing We Didn’t Want To Happen, the Stalinist in Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign, a $700 grand climate change musical and Simon Breheny recaps a university debate he attended on Trump and Brexit

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