"The impact of net zero is very real, quantifiable, and is already being felt in regional communities across Australia including in the Hunter. The closure of the Eraring power plant, which is associated with Australia’s pursuit of the net zero by 2050 target, is likely to result in the loss of almost 1,400 jobs in the region – 40% higher than initial estimates – the vast majority of which are likely to be full-time."

Renewable energy sources means fewer jobs
Up to 653,600 jobs could be put at direct risk from a net zero emissions target.
Your job is at risk.
net zero will prevent the creation of approximately 125,000 jobs across North Queensland which is the equivalent to around 25 years’ worth of job creation.

" A net zero emissions target would put up to 172,300 jobs at direct risk in New South Wales, which is approximately 5% of the state’s workforce. "

Your job is at risk.
Regions with one or more recently closed coal fired power stations have on average seen an increase in their unemployment rate of around 0.7%.
net zero is going to cost you personally
The majority of jobs at risk from net zero are in the agriculture, mining, and manufacturing sectors.