" 92% of surveyed respondents said they are only willing to personally pay a maximum of $100 a year for Australia to reach net zero emissions by 2050. "

But what about our jobs?
Up to 653,600 jobs would be put at risk by a policy of net zero emissions by 2050, and over half these job losses would be in the agriculture, mining, and heavy manufacturing sectors.
What about our national defence?
61% of surveyed respondents agree the federal government should be more focused on national defence rather than meeting Australia’s net zero emissions by 2050 target, while only 39% disagree.

" 72% of surveyed respondents believe affordability or reliability should be the focus of Australia’s energy policy, while only 28% believe meeting net zero emissions by 2050 should be the focus. "

How do we compare to China?
China emits more carbon in 16 days than Australia does in one year.
It’s time to get real on net zero
China operates 57 coal fired power stations for each one currently operating in Australia.