" 61% of Australians believe the federal government should be more focused on national defence than meeting Australia’s net zero emissions by 2050 target. "

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net zero increases Australia’s reliance on other nations
By shifting our energy supply basis from coal to solar, wind, and batteries, we are becoming more reliant on foreign powers.
net zero destroys our domestic energy independence

Without reliable baseload power, Australia loses its ability to defend itself which becomes a national security issue.

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" 72% of Australians believe affordability and reliability should be the main focus of Australia’s energy policy. Only 28% believed net zero was more important. "

net zero fail - good for australian security 3
A weak energy network makes Australia an easy target for invasion

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed the dependency of Western European nations, such as Germany, on foreign energy supply and the extent to which this can be used as diplomatic and military leverage. It has also highlighted Australia’s vulnerabilities.

Energy Security is National Security

Our utterly foolish commitment to “net-zero” carbon emissions by 2050 will kill any prospect of Australian energy independence for good.

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