"The average annual electricity bill for a typical Australian family is approximately $1,600 per year, which is $400 per quarter. An increase of 103% translates into an average annual increase of $1,648, which would see the average annual electricity bill increase to approximately $3,248 per year which is $812 per quarter."

net zero fail
net zero policy makes energy cost more
net zero is designed by and for the privileged inner-city elites. But it is the real Australians in the suburbs and regions who are going to pay the price.
net zero is code for higher power prices.
The real social impact of net zero is on Australian families now making choices between heating or putting food on the table.
net zero fail - energy would be cheaper

" A typical Australian family will see its electricity bill more than double as a result of the closures of the six coal-fired power stations under the policy of net zero emissions by 2050. "

net zero fail - energy would be cheaper
net zero is going to cost you personally (money)
IPA research shows that 92% of Australians were willing to pay only $100 for Australia to cut its emissions to net zero. Yet Victorians are facing energy price rises 2 1/2 times what they are willing to pay for Australia to meet net zero.
It costs more to heat your home under net zero.
A quarterly electricity bill of $812 will make up 5.6% of the average Australian’s household disposable income, up from around 2.7% today.
net zero fail - energy would be cheaper